For SF Design Week 2021, I helped support the presentation of the frog ventures collaboration with Campfire 3D run out of the SF studio. Our team discussed the ways product design collaboration has existed in the past and will change in the future with systems like Campfire 3D that are collaborative, leverage mixed reality and are connected to the cloud.

Campfire CEO - Jay Wright, Creative Lead - Inna Lobel - Visual Designer - Rachel Hobart and Industrial Design - Adam Kingman speaking during SF Design Week 2021. The slide shows the branding and industrial design work that Campfire partnered with frog to design.
The industrial design team in the frog NY studio collaborating prior to the pandemic.
The industrial design team in the frog NY studio using a prototype of the campfire system while collaborating on a product design program remotely.
Hardware components that frog partnered with Campfire to design.
Software components of the Campfire system showing the holographic presentation interface, the mobile pointer and annotation software, and the remote collaboration app.