Unified Field was part of the developer preview program for the Leap Motion Controller and we considered using it for the Kennedy Space Center Exhibit. The official Leap Controller didn’t launch until the Summer of 2013 around the time the museum opened, so we weren’t able to use it there. Since then I created a demo by hooking it up to the Shuttle Landing Simulator I developed for Kennedy, and we set it up for our Unified Field booth at the 2013 ASTC tradeshow in Albequerque, New Mexico.

Users can advance through the interface by “tapping” their finger, originally there was a joystick with a button for this application. The shuttle flight path is controlled by moving one’s hand in the same manner an airplane would fly.

A user's hand banking correlates to the same maneuver in the Shuttle Landing Simulator.
An on-screen guide hints at the necessary gestures.