We visited Denmark for Christmas and had the opportunity to visit some of the recent and notable architecture and exhibits. At the new Danish Architecture Center building a video entitled The Danish Model (below) explained how and why design is integral to Danish culture and society.

Denmark’s view on design and architecture has made it a worldwide leader in these fields and the impact can be felt everywhere, from residential living rooms to transit systems and urban planning. Below is an example of their adaptable bus station signage and their subway system which has been fully automated since 2002, runs 24/7 and is 98.7% on time. They were one of the first cities to convert major thoroughfares to pedestrian traffic which has been mimicked all over the world including Times Square in NY. This resulted in a 35% increase in pedestrian volumes in first year, a 600% increase in pedestrian space, an 81% increase in outdoor cafe seating, a 400% increase in stopping and staying activities and increased revenue for businesses

Traveling North and West out of Copenhagen to the Maritime Museum in Helsingor, Louisiana Art Museum in Humlebaek, the Lego House in Billund, the Vadehavscentret near the Wadden Sea and the former Nazi bunker at Tirpitz.

Denmark and visited locations.