The Franklin Institute, Your Brain Exhibit

Interactive Installation + Gestural Interface

NOTICE – This project was completed while working at Unified Field Inc. All rights to the project belong to Unified Field Inc. and the client.
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Unified Field played a major role in the development of interactive media for the permanent exhibition titled, Your Brain, which opened in June 2014 at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA. I developed the multi-kinect, multiuser interactive intro wall to the exhibit and a Kinect-based tennis game.

  • Franklin Institute
  • Science Museum
  • Lead Developer
  • 2014
  • Your Brain at the Franklin Institute
  • OpenFrameworks, C++, OpenGL, Kinect, OpenCV, 3D Animation

The system used four kinects to that were synced and programmed to track approaching visitors. The projection wall also used four projectors that were two over two and needed to be edge-blended in two directions.

The installation would recognize up to four simultaneous users and map a 3D model of a nervous system to their movement.

The tennis interactive was meant to test the hand-eye coordination of the visitor and used a kinect to track arm movement.