Liberty Science Center, Beyond Rubik's Cube

Interactive Installation + Gestural Interface

NOTICE – This project was completed while working at Unified Field Inc. All rights to the project belong to Unified Field Inc. and the client.
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In 2014 Unified Field designed and built two interactive experiences for the “Beyond Rubik’s Cube” exhibit at the Liberty Science Center in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube. Rubik came to the opening and had a number of his prototypes on display. I led the development of a gesture-based experience that would allow a visitor to play one of three games about memory, spatial understanding, and pattern recognition which are all skills one needs to solve the Rubik’s Cube.

  • Liberty Science Center
  • Science Museum
  • Lead Developer
  • 2014
  • Beyond Rubik's Cube
  • OpenFrameworks, C++, OpenGL, Kinect, OpenCV, 3D Animation, Game Design

The memory game would allow a user to try to connect dots in order a little like the Simon Says. The number of connections would increase in complexity over time. © Unified Field Inc.

The pattern game encouraged visitors to match patterns, and it would increase in speed whie the shapes began to morph after a while. © Unified Field Inc.

The shape game encouraged spatial recognition. Visitors would rotate increasingly complex shapes to match templates in 3D. © Unified Field Inc.